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Carole P.

Great book of clever rhymes that make children think

Thoughtful and wonderfully written book of poems designed to make a child think in a fun guessing game kind of way. From trains to flowers, to ice and even the stars in the sky, Tepper has something interesting to say about it, and he says it beautifully. Each poem is between 6-8 carefully worded sentences designed to make the reader guess the subject. Tepper does not speak down to children, and his clever stanzas have a delightful cadence. A great book for new readers, it will hold their interest with the lyrical prose. My favorite-"Don't get too close, don't stop to linger, if you look really close, I have a big stinger."

Marissa G.

Great Book

I really enjoyed reading this book to my nieces and nephews. What is especially great is that the answer to the rhyme had a corresponding picture on the back of that page, so it is easy to locate. I recommend this book for grades 1 through 3. Although, my daughter reads it to her 4th graders at the end of the day and they enjoy trying to guess which each riddle is. All of the illustrations are bright and colorful and the text is easy to read. Since each line rhymes, it would be easy to make a list or a chart of the rhyming words and see how many pairs of endings will rhyme within the story. I would definitely recommend this book to someone who is looking for a book to teach their child or student how to rhyme.

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